How to survive critical situations

How to survive critical situations

When I was young, I dreamed about my off-grid house, not dependable of mortgage, public infrastructure and especially of supply chains. Is there an option for be food indipended? That is the vision that put a start to Foodular

In this period of Corona virus spreading all around the world, our team took a break to challenge another goal vision. We want to make a food production system that can challenge epidemics as seen today. Could a system like Foodular help citizens, villages and even cities to combat lack of food?

Foodular Mona Lisa with mask

Imagine that you have all your needs to survive in the backyard, no need to go to groceries, to pharmacy, no need for water from the system etc. This would be my dream come true. And we are working in this way. Local, healthy and with your own control.

Blog to be continued…..

David Kodarin

David is a CEO of KAKIS & houzEKO and development manager at Institute mOBILNO to go. He is by profession a civil engineer but he soon decided to start his own path in sustainable and cleantech technologies.

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    Idea well captured. Especially in current Covid-quarantine situation we could see.

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