How to survive critical situations

When I was young, I dreamed about my off-grid house, not dependable of mortgage, public infrastructure and especially of supply chains. Is there an option for be food indipended? That is the vision that put a start to Foodular In this period of Corona virus spreading all around the world, our team took a break to challenge another goal vision. We want to make a food production system that can challenge epidemics as seen today. Could a system like Foodular help citizens, villages and even cities to combat lack of food? Imagine that you have all your needs to survive in the backyard, no need…

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Building the prototype of Foodular

Starting a new project or company has always the same paths. Finding finances, researching potential buyers, exploring market trends, law obligations etc. Most of these tasks are highly demanding, boring without any personal touch or creativity. But one part of it is the most interesting, the most exciting and the most awaiting. It is time to build the prototype. With big help from Erasmus interns, Sandra from Spain and Şule from Turkey, we started to build our first prototype. We gather and build it with mostly scrap material that I had from other projects. I have already cut most of the structure a few…

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Working on defining the mission, vision and core values

We just started our journey with Foodular. Starting a new company is always a hard and demanding job. The first thing first should be always the definition of the mission, vision and core values. Our mission is to lower the need of water for crop production, making food easy to grow in the backyard and improving the healthy food on the market. The vision of the company is to be the EU leader in small automated greenhouses for personal and business uses and being the symbol of sustainability in the field of food production. Our core values are:-passion-sustainability-quality -efficiency -innovation Of course, all text…

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