David Kodarin KAKIS & Foodular

I am a vegetarian for more then half of my life. Vegetables are playing a big role in my nutrition and in my life. I want healthy food coming from the corner, I want to take advantage of the natural resources as sun and rain water, I want to use the available technology on the next level. All this visions are coming through with our project Foodular. 

David Kodarin

co-founder, sales and marketing

Has many experiences in super-food and online marketing. Appasionate in sport and healthy food. 

Tomaž Kocjančič

co-founder, r&D

I met with agriculture during my university years thanks to my department. Who believes that humans will turn back to nature sooner or later, I always defend to make “human and nature” together like “ying-yang”. Especially during the last two years, I was really into smart farming and hydroponic systems both theoretical and practical. With Foodular I’ve put all my passion; nature, humanity and technology solutions.

co-founder, AGRONOMY and marketing

our vision

We want a world with healthy and local food in every corner. We are starting our vision in Central Europe but we want to grow worldwide.


Winners in the category Navigator of Podjetna primorska 2017

In 2017 we won the best idea and business model at Podjetna primorska 2017 in the category Navigator (the category for people already involved in the business).

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