Produce your healthy food...
...with hydroponics - the future of farming...
...and save up to 95% of water...
... and with the control is in your hands.
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Simple to use greenhouse modules


Hydroponic systems are less labour consuming because uses automated watering and no weed removal.


No pesticides, no herbicides, everything is on your hand. Controlled and healthy.


You can choose your crops, your modules and your system. Foodular gives you freedom.

What is Foodular?

Simple to use hydroponics systems

Hydroponics is the new generation of healthy food production. It is  a method of growing plants without soil by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. It is ecological, sustainable and healthy. 

  • Up to 24x harvesting in a year
  • Controlled production with a smart device
  • No pesicides and herbicides

Effective & sustainable greenhouse modules

Greenhouse modules are made from as much as possible natural materials with the design to catch the best sun in all seasons. 

  • Natural materials
  • Architectural modern design
  • Effective heat storage and innovative shading

Different modules for different taste

Choose your modules regarding your crow wishes, your space and your budget. 

  • Different modules (crops, fishes, chicken, mushroom, spices, marihuana, etc.)
  • Each modules helps in between with heat and nutrients
  • Modern design

Connected with your smart device

The greenhouse is connected with sensors and IoT devices so you always know what is happening with your food. 

  • Remotely controlled
  • Fast to urge in case of emergency
  • Collecting precious data about your food

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