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Hydroponic systems are less labor consuming because uses automated watering, no plowing and no weed removal.The yield is greater than with conventional farming. On top of it, you can use vertical solutions to maximize the plan per square meter ratio.


With our system the power is in your hands. You choose how your food is grown. You are the decision maker! And we will assist for your ease of use 🙂


No matter your food choices and the quantities, with our modular system we can create a growing room or palace to fulfill your needs. We'll help you produce the food of your choice in the quantities you want/need.

foodular modules

Why is FOODULAR the future of growing vegetables?

Food autonomy

Greatly reduce or eliminate labor and offers planty of food aboundancy, depending on the scale.

Adaptable and scalabe

Modular system can be enlarge whenever you want. Saves time as similar plants can be grouped together and watered in single or multiple zones

Connecting to the food (by app and by physical interaction)

The system is connected in the cloud and offers you monitoring from everywhere.

Controlled production

Growers can program the control based on easy settings such as (time, moisture, EC, etc.) and/or make decisions based on outside weather conditions

Economical use of precious resources

Extreme ROI: payback can be achieved for all sizes of greenhouse projects but generally speaking, the larger the project, the more economically feasible

Automatic (eventually)

Even, consistent watering cycles to produce a more consistent crop with better crop yields.

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It has never been easier to grow your own food